Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Haters Gonna Hate

So I was looking at videos today of fire poi and fire staff and I noticed something. There is a LOT of hate going on. I haven't noticed this with hoopers and maybe that's because all of the videos I watch are on Hoop City which has a great support system for hoopers of any level. But the comments on YouTube? I wanted to scream.

There is no respect for the art form at all from both people who have never seen someone spin before and from those people who are more advanced. Seriously you guys. Cut it out and support each other! It's driving me nuts. What is getting down on a beginner or bad mouthing someone better than you going to achieve? Nothing. It's just...ugh. It's childish and detrimental and makes me re-think picking up either of these art forms.

Seriously, where's the love?

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