Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hoop Love

For those who don't know I've been back home from University since December so all my friends are so very far away, especially since I don't drive. The opportunities to hang and few and far between, but we managed.

This past week I got to go and stay with my suite mate Amber. We took a road trip to go an see Lani and we went out and hooped for six hours. Did you get that? Read it again. Six. Hours. I have never hooped that much in my life. And it was awesome.I can't wait to get together with them and do it again.

Slipping into a hoop is one of those things that just makes you smile. For my mom it's horses. She gets this massive grin on her face and she's happy for hours. She would spend all day with our horses if she could. For me, it's turning out to be my hoop that does that. Sure I get angry and frustrated some times and even throw my hoop, but when I get into it and the flow just starts happening, there's really nothing like it. My arms get tired and my mind wanders, but I can't put the hoop down. There's something peaceful and safe about being inside a hoop. It's like nothing can touch you. It's one of the best feelings in the world.


I've also discovered that I really love hooping with other people. But since hooping has yet to catch on in my little hick town there aren't many opportunities for get togethers. I'll have to start a hoop jam around here or something because hooping with other people is so much more fun than hooping alone.

To my hoop friends: I love you guys. You're all wonderful beautiful people. Hoop on.  <3

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