Thursday, November 18, 2010

Terrible Thursday

Today definitely lands itself in the top twenty worse days of my life. My laptop is broken, I can't take criticism at all, I cried for half an hour and haven't been able to sleep to name a brief number of the things that made today so awful. Sure, doesn't sound that bad, but I made a two page list in my journal of everything else.

I have no idea why today was so bad, it just was. And I randomly really miss my Grandpa. He died when I was about 8 and he'd moved back to California. Decided the Midwest wasn't for him. I didn't even get to go to the funeral. I really miss him.

On a brighter note at least my NaNo novel is done so I don't have to worry about trying to update my word count for the rest of the month. Hopefully my laptop will be fixed soon and I can validate my word count by the 25th. I'm excited about this one. It's way better than last years was. Stronger plot, characters, etc, etc, etc. All that good stuff.

Mm, and my current project in Drawing class is massively depressing me. We're doing a narrative of our childhood. Sadly, mine is digging up far too many bittersweet, angry, depression inducing memories for my liking. I love and hate the image at the same time because it shows everything I've ever lost in life. Sure, my life could be way worse. I have all of my family members, the first best friend I've had since...well, a long time, and a roof over my head. Plus I'm at the most amazing University in the world and have had a chance to know some of the most influential, loving people of my entire life. But it seems like everything went down hill after I was seven.

-shrugs- I suppose it could be worse.

I can't sleep so I packed up my stuff to go home for Thanksgiving break tomorrow. Yes, it's only 10:41 as I type this. That is at least two hours past my bed time. I am a massive morning person like you wouldn't long as I've had enough sleep. Not enough sleep and I'm screwed. Bad attitude, depression, and angst all spiraling out of control. It becomes a mad house.

So yes, laptop broken. I've commandeered a computer from the first floor computer room to type this and whine to cyberspace about how pathetic my life is. Go me.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

NaNo Novel Summary and "Home"

Hey guess what!? NaNo's coming up! I am so excited about it this year. This will be my second time participating and I'm hoping for another win. Last years novel didn't come out so well for in my opinion. I'll probably never touch it again so I'm hoping the finished product this year is a little less cringe worthy.

As always, still don't have a title. That will probably not come around until I finish it. :( Oh well. This years is like Hell Boy meets Underworld. I think that's where the inspiration came from, but now I'm not really sure anymore. XD I got the idea some where around June. It's October now, gimme a break. Who wants a plot summary? You do, I know you do.

The main character is named Chris and she works for the Academy. Basically a school that trains students to defend the city from "Unnaturals", anything non-human. Chris was a Master, but when she is unable to kill a member of her team after he's infected by large wolf-like creatures called Runners, the Academy strips her of her rank and forces her to take on an apprentice, something she hasn't had for at least fifteen years.

Normally when something like this happens the member is executed. Allowing someone who's been infected creates havoc. The city has lived in harmony with the Unnaturals for years, lulling the city into a sense of peace. Many have come to believe the Academy is no longer necessary.

There hasn't been an outbreak of rouge's in a long time. (A Rogue is a human who's bitten and changes into a Runner. Normally they're outcasts from the clan.) The last time Chris was given an apprentice things didn't go so well and she refused to take on another. The Academy sees her as too much of an asset for her not to have an apprentice.

Aaaand, I'm not really sure where it goes from there. War perhaps? I think I'm going to have a nice body count this year.

This will be my third novel hopefully. If I can get the sequel to "Home" done soon that will make four. "Where It Ends", my NaNo novel last year, will never see daylight, but I'm hoping to have "Home" and it's sequel published.

Really bad photo of my proof copy of the first draft of "Home".

Updated cover. I don't have an actual copy of this yet.
No monies equals no book. :( I need to double check the manuscript and then see about getting a copy.  Oh, and someone introduced me to the awesomeness of Wordle. You copy the text from...anything, into it and it creates this awesome bubble of text showing you which words you've used the most in said text. Here's mine from "Home". 

I think they're a lot of fun.  Give it a try.  :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What Are These?

Okay, I need to figure out what this little poofy shorts are called. I'm seriously considering doing a cosplay that involves these little shorts, but if I don't know what they're called I can't find a pattern for them. Any ideas?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Infinite Days

I've just discovered that I should really get a copy of Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel. If you didn't know about it you can follow here blog here.

It sounds like a well interpreted story of what re-adjusting to being human would be like. I'm hoping to get a copy with Elizabeth May's photo on the cover.

Admittedly, I'm a little tired of reading vampire stories. The market is overflowing with them and many shall we say it...not so good? I Infinite Days will be a pleasant surprise though and I look forward to reading it