Sunday, April 17, 2011

Practice On

Edit: My latest hooping video to Run Away. 

Alright, so I was up really late last night and am totally exhausted right now. :( Makes for more difficult hooping. But anyway, I had my first ever practice session that lasted for more than 5 minutes. Well, okay, I guess my last filmed session was nine minutes, but long sessions are diffiult for me. I just don't have the cario to practice for an extensive amount of time, but last night I had my first ever thirty minute practice session. :D It was awesome and I learned a lot.

And did I mention I only got seven hours of sleep last night in 2 or 3 hour increments? Yeah. Exhausted.

I really want to thank the hoopers who helped me out of a funk a few days ago. I had one of the best practices ever and I think it's all because of you. :) So thank you.

In camera news: I finally managed to buy a new memory card for the camera but my little sister has it hoop practice. >.< Hopefully tomorrow. I need to let my body heal anyway. My hands are all bruised which makes hooping difficult and my neck hurts. Time for a break, but I want to hoop!

I guess that's it for now. I hope to have a bit of a photoshoot with my hoop soon once the weather warms up again, and I think I'd like to take my hooping to the park for the first time. I wonder how the little town will react to that. :D

I did suck it up and go outside to hoop today in the front yard. Not sure what everyone thought of that. :-/  Yeah, it was a little cold, but if felt nice after getting a chance to warm up inside the hoop.

I really need a new hoop. I love my little 27" child's hoop, but it makes tricks like the revolving door, shoulder hooping and lifts more difficult. My beginners hoop is WAY to heavy now. It's 160 psi and 38" with 3/4 tubing. Gah. So heavy.

I really want an Atomic hoop, a 36" hoop, an infinity hoop for travel and a polypro, none of which I have the money to purchase. And I want the Seeding 2 class on Hoop City. So much to do so little time!

Oh, and the pain is nearly gone from where I stepped on that nail. It's become more focused and moved further down to the bottom of my foot instead of the top, so I guess that's a good sign. :-/

And did I mention I am in love with the Book Lantern? Yeah, totally am.


Hoop on!