Friday, July 29, 2011

Circle of Trust

I feel like this needs to be updated. I keep falling in and out of hooping (no pun intended) but I find that when I'm sad hooping makes me happy. Even just sitting inside the hoop makes me feel safe. Am I the only one who's experienced this or is it a wide spread phenomenon? Having a hoop really feels like a relationship to me. I've heard it constantly described as such as well based on how the hoop responds to the user. You coax the hoop to move, it fights back, it listens, etc. We, as hoopers, talk about our hoops as if they're alive and maybe they are. Who knows. I just know that my hoop is my circle of trust. It never judges me and even when we get into fights we make up quickly. It's an abusive but loving relationship. -laughs- The only abuse relationship I think any of us are willing to approve of.

And I'm still whining about needing another hoop. I moved from my 38 to a 27, both of which I love, but I'm ready to have more variety. The problem is I'm short on money and since we have credit card issues, purchasing online is pretty much out of the question until we get that taken care of. So I'm stuck on the idea of buying two new children's hoops and cutting them apart, but first I have to get someone to take me to Wal-Mart, which has been more difficult than I anticipated.

Oh well, I'll have a new hoop yet.

And now for some new footage. (Old for you Miss Amber.) I just want to show off my new hoop skirt and my awesome beach footage for your viewing pleasure. 


Aside from all that I have nothing new. I'll have to fix that. I have been practicing hooping to the right which has been horribly frustrating, but I'm beginning to feel how off balance my body is because I've only been hooping to the left. I can do the corkscrew to the right now eight times out of ten, so that's some improvement. What have you been up to? Any advice on learning the same tricks in the opposite current?

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